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In Carolina I have found not only a teacher and mentor but also a friend.
She has been and continues to be, a wonderful source of inspiration to me, 
showing me that the possibilities are limitless and always guiding in ‘Truth, Love and Light”. 
When I’m in her presence my soul feels her calming energy and I am lifted to a higher place.
I am grateful to the Universe for bringing Carolina into my life to teach, 
guide and heal as I walk this part of my journey.

Dale Rutherford

St. Catharines, ON


Thank you Carolina, for the multi-dimensional healing. The results continue to unfold. One of the first things I noticed was being more relaxed about things that usually would have bothered me. Also, the lumps in the arch of my foot have gone away. They were from a foot injury and had been noticeably present for at least four years, now they are either gone completely or are receding.

I highly recommend your multi-dimensional healing sessions.



Niagara Falls, NY


This past Saturday November 29, 2014 at 1pm

I just enjoyed the most wonderful,  relaxing, invigorating healing session at Heaven Global in the “Thai Tent”, thank you so much Carolina, it was the most complete spiritual, and physical healing practice I have ever experienced. It was like being submerged in actual heaven, that being inside the white tent in meditation, surrounded by the “clouds” of mist and vapors with the goods of essential oils and listening to your voice that guided me throughout the session.  Thank you for that marvelous healing energy I think it is still working its magic within myself today.

Thank you Carolina Lipinski for your caring, compassion and kindness. I celebrate your intuition and knowledge of ancient healing practices. I have to came back for more.


With lots of love and light, and appreciation.



Marcela Murias


“Carolina’s spiritual guidance and support has been an integral part of my growth. Her beautiful and unique way of sharing always leaves me feeling very connected and inspired. Not only is Carolina a gifted Reader/Facilitator/Healer but she is also a successful business women with much experience and wisdom. Her store, Haven Global, is a wonderful place to fill all your spiritual needs. Carolina is always working in support of Community, promoting and guiding so many of us towards our greatest possibility.”

Lori Folkins, Fort Erie, ON



“The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.”   Khalil Gibran

Carolina is the teacher we would all hope to have.

She has given me along with so many others the opportunity to learn about self. But also, about the diverse traditions and knowledge that has been honored and celebrated for lifetimes.

She creates welcoming environments that provide the tools to expand the understanding of our gifts, where it is safe to explore and find answers.

It is an honor to have Carolina as a teacher and friend.


Andrea Wolfe, Brockville, On




Carolina has created a highly energized, loving environment at Haven Global where she continues to bring together an ever growing spiritual community within the Niagara Region, repeatedly drawn to her and the wide variety of spiritual and esoteric services that she offers including her own exceptional gifts as an intuitive, a tarot reader, a counsellor and a friend. If you have yet to experience Carolina’s talents and are looking for some guidance within your life, all I can say is that it is time to seek her out… and believe me you will not be disappointed in doing so!

Timothy Moran Owner/Operator Heart Of Shamballa     Stevensville, ON