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Visit Carolina at her relaxing studio for a private and confidential Reading or Energy Healing .














Readings can assist in decision making, providing guidance in a supportive role for those seeking clarity and insight.  Consultations provide a deeper understanding of situations and growth by looking at life from different angles.

Intuitive Coaching is activated during Reading and Healing Sessions by Light Trance Messages, heard, felt or visualized through forms of Channeling from Spirit and Angelic Energy, as the Soul Consciousness acts as a doorway for the higher beings to make contact.

Various forms of Readings ignite Mediumship abilities, which ads to the intuitive message.
"Carolina is also available for Group Gatherings regarding Stage Mediumship (delivering messages from the spiritual realm to the attendants in the room.)

TAROT CARDS- Recount the past, observe the present and attune to options available in the future.                                          

TEA LEAVES- Insight and messages provided by the tea leaves forming patterns in the tea cup. 

RUNES STONES- An Oracle used by the ancient Vikings for guidance and introspection

ORACLE CARDS- Assist in awakening messages from various realms, a springboard to the intuitive for messaging.

ORACLE & SACRED GEOMETRY CARDS AND CRYSTALS –Assist in awakening messages from various realms, invoking messages, opening a vortex to accent other mediums and dialogue from higher dimensions.

*The above is a brief description of tools that Carolina uses in her spiritual Readings




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Carolina is a Practitioner of OHM Therapeutics, an effective method of applying Tuning Forks and other healing tools on the body, including muscle, bone, reflex and acu-points to help tone move stagnant energy and relieve pain!   Carolina is also a Master Teacher in Mahatma/Shamballa Multidimensional Energy Healing, and provides classes.

MULTIDIMENSIONAL ENERGY HEALING - assists in removing blockages in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Improved well-being is promoted, through the use of Tuning Forks, (enhances breathing, relieves body tension, calms, clears,  and energizes). Vibrational Therapy can activate the natural current flowing through the body.  Sound Therapy, (sound travels well in water, and because the human body is largely composed of water, it receives and conducts).  Aromatherapy and Channeling help move and release illness, attachments and negative energy away from the body to speed up healing and decrease unwanted emotions, providing balancing to the Chakras, and stimulates relaxation, the mind, body and spirit working together



60 minute Reading $60.00

90 minute Reading $80.00


Complete Full Body Shamballa/Reiki Energy Healing, targeting specific areas with the use of Tuning Forks that accent acupressure points, Chakra Chimes assisting with clearing and aligning Chakras, as well as other Sound Vibrational Tools, various Crystals, Aromatherapy and Intuitive Messaging. - 60 minutes at $60.00, following consecutive visits at $50.00.

Tuning Fork Facial and Sinus Clearing with Crystal Therapy – 30 minute @ $40.00

(the vibration of the Tuning Forks moves the energy in the facial muscles, improving circulation, and can assist in relieving blocked sinuses, and allergy relief. )

Charkra and Aura Tune Up with the use of Tuning Forks, Sound and Aromatherapy – 30 min. @ $40.00

(assists with clearing blockages beneath the surface of the physical body, increasing alignment with the body, mind and spirit, stimulating relaxation)

Disclaimer - Intuitive counselling sessions are not meant to replace professional medical or financial services.



Contact Carolina for further information, or to set your appointment for improved living!







Click on “Happenings”, for Satellite Intuitive Sessions at various locations each month 

Carolina is also available for special and corporate events, fund raising and gatherings.  Readings outside of my studio are subject to some additional fees, including mileage, parking and travel time.   Remote Readings are available by Skype or Telephone.  Contact Carolina by email or phone to set an appointment for your personal consultation.12038369_10153212632106464_1621519921499323069_n