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July Happenings

Summer has finally arrived!  Beautiful July is full of energy, sun and events.  The stone of the month is RUBY, July’s favorite, full of energy, passion, and visualization.  Guards against psychic attacks, stimulates the pineal gland and brings about abundance!

Rune Stone for July : #8 – Fertility – New Beginnings, and completion of what is required, deliverance!

Tarot Card for July : VIII of Pentacles – Beginning of a profitable undertaking, new employment, enjoyment from your passions and interests.

Saturday and Sunday July 4th and 5th: Ridgeway Summer Festival on Ridge Road, from 10-5 pm. Join me at the Sanctuary for the Arts for Readings as well as sales on products from Haven. Draws at every table!

Tuesday July 21 –CRYSTALS, CRYSTALS, CRYSTALS!  With Carolina at Thrive, 246 Ridge Road, N., Ridgeway.  Discover ways to unlock mysteries of Crystals for wellness, protection, spirituality, luck and love!  $30.00 fee includes a crystal, booklet & demonstrations.  Contact Thrive to reserve your space 289-876-8585

Thursdays from 6-8: Readings at the Flying Squirrel Café on Ridge Road, book or drop by for wine, cake or coffee plus many other delights.

Wednesday July 29: Mini Tea or Tarot Readings at Novel Teas, 4400 Queen Street, Niagara Falls, 12-2 pm, browse the books and enjoy one of many teas!

Thursday July 31: Blue Moon – the 2nd Full Moon in a single Month, happening  every 2 or 3 years, and excellent time for meditation and setting intentions.  The next Blue Moon occurs in January 2018!  Do something special, make it count!

Call for appointments or information on the above.

Peace & Love, Carolina

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