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Step One:

Click this link below to register to the Spring in to Wellness Expo.

Application is in Word format. Fill out your information and email completed document to: info@havenglobal.ca


Payment to be made upon completion of submitting your application.


Step Two:

Pay your booth fee


Pay your booth fee (Spiritual Niagara members only)


 Step Three:

Please review vendor regulations and miscellaneous info below

BOOTH SHARING:   For the integrity of the Show the sharing of the show, the sharing of a booth is not allowed.

ETHICAL STANDARDS:  Exhibitors to keep all displays, merchandise, etc., within the confines of their Booth.  Exhibitors  are to maintain a neat, clean area around their Booth, audio sounds to be regulated, as to not being disruptive to neighboring participants.  Exhibitors may not apply adhesive, tacks, nails etc., to the walls or floors. We prefer neat professional signs only at Booths.   Exhibits must stay intact until closing of the Expo.

OCCUPANT DEFAULT:  Any Exhibitor failing to occupy space contracted for, shall not be relieved of the obligation of paying the rental of said space.

We will try to maintain a balanced show as to duplication of too many similar booths.  We encourage hands on experiences, wherever possible.

If you see something  that is questionable, such as someone who is distributing info/products, who is not registered, please advise Tami or Carolina.